A Guide for Women in Religion:

Making Your Way from A – Z

A Guide for Women in Religion

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December 2004

Contributing Author: Monique Moultrie
Subjects: Gender and Sexuality > Sex and Sexuality, Religious Studies, African American Studies and Black Diaspora

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The Guide for Women in Religion is an indispensable resource for everyone from undergraduate students to emeritae professors involved in the field of religion. In the tradition of a Guide to the Perplexing: A Survival Manual for Women in Religious Studies that helped a generation of women break barriers, this work reflects the multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-disciplinary nature of the field. It is designed to encourage creative, collaborative approaches, and to help women avoid being coopted. Writers presume that teaching is but one career option with publishing, the non-profit sector, work in religious institutions and the like all good choices for which training in religious studies is useful. They offer guidance on how to handle graduate school, dissertation writing, job interviews, promotions, health care, retirement, on-line teaching, resumes, publications and much more. This guide is not for women only. Supportive male colleagues, hiring committees and departments will also want a copy for ready reference.


“What a great sequel to the first survival guide for women in religious studies! A Guide for Women in Religion contains a lot of new information, and the alphabetical format makes it very user-friendly.” – Judith Plaskow, professor of religious studies at Manhattan College and co-editor of Guide to the Perplexing: A Survival Manual for Women in Religious Studies

“What a welcome and wonderful guide for women in religion! The need for it demonstrates how far we have come since Guide to the Perplexing. From graduate school to senior leadership roles to retirement, this new guide will be a trusted friend to all who want not only to survive in their careers but who seek to thrive. It contains the advice and tools essential for using our various talents, training, and commitments to build successful and meaningful lives. This wise friend and mentor should be on everyone’s shelf, ready to be consulted at every stage of our careers.” – Rita Nakashima Brock, co-editor of Guide to the Perplexing: A Survival Manual for Women in Religious Studies, visiting scholar at the Starr King School for Ministry, Graduate Theological Union

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