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March 26, 2023 | Women’s Day

Dr. Moultrie speaks at the Women’s Day event at Covenant Baptist United Church of Christ in Washington, DC about audacious and powerful women in the Bible and their importance of their embrace of all of themselves in their faith as exemplars.

Property & Products: Reproductive Oppression of AAs

Dr. Moultrie joins a panel to discuss the theological arguments that have been used to deprive women of their full personhood and reproductive autonomy throughout U.S. history – a continuing overwhelming reality in the lives of Black women.

Hidden Histories: Faith as a Site of Black Lesbian Activism

Dr. Moultrie talks about the womanist model of ethical leadership through the perspective of 18 Black lesbian leaders and their roles as incubators for social justice activism and how they can function as ethical models of leadership for future generations at Harvard Divinity School.

Black Women's Faith and Sexuality with Dr. Monique Moultrie

Dr. Moultrie talks about her research on Black women’s faith and sexuality — “Learning About Sexual Freedom in Freedom School” — as part of the Freedom School Series sponsored by Auburn Avenue Research Library on African American Culture and History.

Black Feminism and Womanism in the Academy

At Harvard Divinity School Dr. Moultrie participates in a panel discussing her perspective of the categories of Black Feminism and Womanism as it relates to relates to religious studies and the theological academy.

Existence as Resistance with Dr. Monique Moultrie

Dr. Moultrie speaks as part of the Freedom School Series on the topic of “Going to Hell for My Authenticity: Existence as Resistance”. She touches on the crux of her research which bridges religious studies, cultural studies, women’s studies, and sexuality studies and the bulk of which addresses the moral crises women face as they make choices about their sexuality in societies that negate their ability to choose.

Dr. Monique Moultrie

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Lectures & Presentations

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