Hidden Histories:

Faith & Black Lesbian Leadership
Hidden Histories: Faith & Black Lesbian Leadership

Pages: 240
Illustrations: 19 illustrations
Published: March 2023

Author: Monique Moultrie
Subjects: Gender and Sexuality > LGBTQ Studies, Religious Studies, African American Studies and Black Diaspora

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In Hidden Histories, Monique Moultrie collects oral histories of Black lesbian religious leaders in the United States to show how their authenticity, social justice awareness, spirituality, and collaborative leadership make them models of womanist ethical leadership. By examining their life histories, Moultrie frames queer storytelling as an ethical act of resistance to the racism, sexism, and heterosexism these women experience. She outlines these women’s collaborative, intergenerational, and leadership styles, and their concerns for the greater good and holistic well-being of humanity and the earth. She also demonstrates how their ethos of social justice activism extends beyond LGBTQ and racialized communities and provides other models of religious and community leadership. Addressing the invisibility of Black lesbian religious leaders in scholarship and public discourse, Moultrie revises modern understandings of how race, gender, and sexual identities interact with religious practice and organization in the twenty-first century.


“Monique Moultrie gives credence to Black female vanguards by emphasizing that sexual identity is essential to understanding the leadership styles of those who live at the intersections of race, class, and gender oppression and sexual invisibility. Offering a corrective to analyses of leadership studies based on white heteronormative male perspectives while asking profound and fundamental questions that are relevant to scholars in several fields, this poignant and compelling book makes a significant contribution to the guild and society.” — Stacey Floyd-Thomas, E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Chair in Ethics and Society, Vanderbilt University

“In this pioneering and beautifully written book Monique Moultrie analyzes the contributions of Black lesbian religious leaders to new forms of ethical leadership, contrasting their models of shared leadership with the forms most associated with Black male religious leaders that focus more on the charismatic individual. No previous scholar has ever told these stories, making Hidden Histories of great importance to the study of religion in the United States; research on models of leadership; women’s, gender, and sexuality studies; and African American studies.” — Bernadette J. Brooten, Myra and Robert Kraft and Jacob Hiatt Professor of Christian Studies, Emerita, Brandeis University

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